PT. Promaco PT. Promaco
PT. Promaco PT. Promaco
Ir. M. Pramono Sigit
General Manager

Acting as PROMACO'S General Manager is Ir. M. Pramono Sigit who has obtained  a bachelor’s (S1) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology, ITB, graduating in 1985 and with a professional career of over 20 years.

Starting his career as a Senior Engineer with the well known consultant, Jaya Construction Management M.P (1986-1991), he then continued as a Project Manager with Duta Anggada Realty Tbk (1991-1998) and as a Senior Manager with Prosys Engineers International (2000-2007).


In his professional career he has acted as a MEP engineer for high rise buildings and as a Project Manager for various building projects, especially covering the discipline of Mechanical and Electrical installation works. While with Prosys Engineers International he has acted in the position of the manager in charge for the operational development of the company, covering the business, finance and human resources development aspects.


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