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PT. Promaco PT. Promaco
Trainning for PM Certification
Date : April 15, 2009
This program provides complete structure of project management with practical knowledge and hands-on exercise participants need to prepare for starting and completing project successfully. Trough discussions, facilitations and practical exercises, you will understand how the 9 knowledge areas of the PMBOK can be integrated and applied during each phase of project’s life cycle.

Program Objective

In four days you will learn how to :

  • Understand project management processes based on international PMBOK and its interrelation with the project management knowledge areas
  • Complete the project requirements, through the accomplishment of project on schedule, within budget as well as expected quality
  • Improve the skill in defining and controlling what is or is not included in the project
  • Increase the capability in making the most effective use of the resources
  • Improve the knowledge in ensuring timely and appropriate project information management
  • Systematically identify, analyze and respond the risk in maximizing positive probability and reducing the negative impact to project objective
  • Improve the ability to acquire good or service
  • Ensure that the various elements of the project are properly integrated & coordinated.
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