PT. Promaco PT. Promaco
PT. Promaco PT. Promaco
Construction Management (CM) Services

Providing a professional team, with multi discipline competence, to assist the Project Owner in the management of the construction activities, starting from the tender phase up to construction until project hand over (completion) phase.  Coordinating the design and construction aspects while applying the fast track system of construction.

Integrating and supervising the activities of the contractors, sub contractors and suppliers in the compliance of the project scope, quality and performance, the time schedule and the construction budget. Processing and verifying the progress of the works, the certificates of payments, claims and counterclaims including the variation orders. Chairing the site coordination meetings and issuing progress reports. During the project closing out phase, verifying the testing & commissioning procedures, operator training, the ‘as built’ documentation, processing the hand over activities and supervising the defect list.


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