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Building Management was the work of the series management of the activity, by making preparations since the beginning as far as the building operate to achieve the main aim of the building management that was coordinated by a person of Building Manager.

The main aim of the Building Management personally so that : 1. Building facilities were treated well and had the economical age that was high at a cost of operational that was efficient. 2. The leasee, the visitor, especially the owner felt satisfied with the service that was given so as the building always had the maximal occupancy rate. With the high occupancy rate, the cost for building investment as well as facilities him could again fast in accordance with what was planned.

The obligation a person of Building Manager against the building that was managed by him, in part : 1. Gave positive input to the building that was managed, especially that was connected with the operational ease of the management.   2. Prepared regulations, Discipline, and the work program that was linked with the activity managed the building, was good for the Public's field and Administration, the technical field, Security, Housekeeping et cetera to guarantee the achievement of the quality plan of the management and the service



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